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Teambuilding - "Team Rally"

The participants are divided into different teams, which have to find a way through the great “Amel” valley or another region, which has been chosen before. A compass and an explicit army map, with the check points, are their only aids to find the good path.
The groups will be “dropped”, by bus, at different places in the valley. Consequently, the first mission is to orientate oneself; “where are we now and where do we have to go to?”

Then the teams have to reach the check points, where they should collect some information or certain things. It’s also possible to insert a teambuilding event. On the way the teams have to answer some questions, to look for special “items” (like a cucumber or Christmas decoration) and to prove their creativity.
The team rally (dropping) is 6 to 7 km long and lasts about 3 hours.

Potential missions on the way:

• Building a float
• Tasting different regional beers and cheeses
• Communication missions
• …

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