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Teambuilding - "Tai-chi-chuan"

The courses are open to anybody and all practice sessions do not require special clothing. Simply loose clothing in which we feel good. The shoes will be, if we wear, preferably flexible, like basketball, Chinese slippers or moccasins.

Tai Chi is performed standing.

In practice, the course is conducted in 3 phases:

1. preparatory exercises to (re) awake the qualities necessary to enjoy this relaxation.

2. work techniques: various forms (sequences of movements) simple, complex, modern, traditional.

3. the return to calm.

The senses

In our workshop, the practice of Tai Chi Chuan consists in filling up indefinitely gestures and postures essential with energy, experiences, sensations, images and intentionality.

The movement

The forms of " Tai Chi "are just a way to rediscover some special places of the body. We start by working the senses (the body structure, posture, movement): This is the stage of biomechanics. Then attach to the inner dynamics: the breath, energy, subtle. Concentrated and done with believe, the movement comes alive from within. More your movement is nourished and felt inwardly, more it will be dense. We are in touch with our creative potential, we can actualize our potential.

Tai Chi Chuan was born in China around the twelfth century. It is a mixture of Taoist knowledge (a tradition dating back 4000 years) and martial arts of the Wu Dang and Shaolin temple. Tai Chi Chuan has been kept secret until 1910 by two families: the Chen and Yang. From that date, one of the greatest masters of this art Yang Chen Fu (1883 - 1936), decided to make it public and to contribute to the health and well-being of the Chinese people during this period of political crisis and social. Soon the Tai Chi practice is spread throughout the whole country, and thereafter his many students do the same in the whole world.

This workshop takes about 1.5 hour. To foresee in the early morning, before breakfast.


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