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Surprising Belgium

Over the years, Adrenaline Events has created and realized unique programs in all regions in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg! These programs have been developped "tailor made" on request of our clients, but they can be modified at any time in order to your wishes and expectations. Of course, we can also organize a total new program at a by you chosen place.
Hereunder the BeNeFraLux-Tour from Adrenaline Event:

• Regatta on the North Sea starting from Nieuwpoort and Ostende
• Exclusive greeting on the Mercator in Ostende
• Polder Rally around Damme
• Murder game in Bruges
• Marollen-Rallye in Bruxelles
• Pit Stop in La Ramée - Jodoigne
• Attack of the citadel from Dinant with greeting at the castle Freyr
• Shipping on the Meuse towards Maastricht
• Teambuilding-Rallye in Diekirch
• City-Rallye in the old town of Lille
• The romantic wine route of the Alsace


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