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Our values

1. Security

"Safety First" is our motto at all times. Before selling a concept, our sales team checks on all the online content of the proposed programme with our Safety Officer to assess the risk and implement measures necessary to ensure a safe course. No application will be proposed if the risks are too great. If we feel that your application contains too many risks and/or we believe that the programme requested is not suitable for your team, we will propose an alternative while trying to remain close to your original idea.

We have all the equipment necessary to ensure optimum safety: Helmets of all kinds, life jackets, wetsuits, masks, gloves, etc. Our team of instructors will always provide a safety briefing before the start of each activity.

2. Respect for your budget

After a consultation based on your expectations and the budget that you have available, we will provide you with clear and accurate costings for your chosen event. All options and their costs (extra drinks, menu upgrade, additional activities etc.) will be clearly indicated on your quotation. No surcharge will be implemented or charged without your prior consent. Any additional costs will always be discussed with your group leader, the same day.

3. Materials

Adrenaline Events uses only the highest quality materials which are covered by current safety standards. After use, each item is checked and maintained by our on-site technical team based in our main workshop. Our equipment is renewed regularly.

4. Flexibility

Adapting a programme or coping with the unexpected or rescheduling at any time, without penalising the participants, is our first concern. We can offer this flexibility because our programmes are tailor-made to suit your needs.

5. Professionalism

From first contact with us, you will soon realise why Adrenaline Events is the preferred partner of choice of many agencies, hotels and companies. Our team consists of about nine full time staff plus a team of professional freelance employees who specialise in specific events. This allows us to guarantee a specific framework for all your individual needs. Being based in the Ardennes, we have a greater knowledge of the land and its many unique hidden places.


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