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Teambuilding - "The Mining Company"

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: +/- 80 to 140 persons


Reception of the group at the “ADRENALINE” facilities
 We can also arrange the transport of the group, with three busses, between the “…” hotel and the “ADRENALINE” area.

Briefing and organization of the 10 smaller groups with approximately 12 persons
 We advise you to create in advance these groups yourselves and to transfer us your compositions.

Start of the activity: “The Mining Company”

The situation:
Investment Worldwide Inc. is a big investment company. They have bought a large manor next to the concourse of two rivers because they are convinced that there must be a gold vein somewhere on the territory. An independent survey from a famous geological institute has confirmed this assumption.
However an additional survey has to be made on the area itself to identify the exact place of the gold vein. Therefore a placing of order has been tendered.
Today, some mining companies lend themselves to make this research, for which they are paid, of course. Afterwards this enterprises wish to stope the mine.
Bored by all the candidates, Investment Worldwide Inc. decides to subdivide the manor and to sale the mining rights of the different parcels by bid.
So, the mining companies should accomplish some paid missions during the weekend and determine which parcels they must acquire during the public sale. Furthermore, after having finished the jobs, the companies receive some indications which let them go in the good direction.
The company which has bought the good parcel and has found the gold vein wins the game.
During the weekend, also an environmentalist comes to the manor; he has noticed that something is happening and he comes to have a look at the situation. The man not only gives some additional instructions, he is also ready to give advices against money. But maybe it is better to save money for the public sale? Or can he even close temporary rival companies or impose them high fines?

The elaboration:
During the briefing the different companies (teams) are created and they receive an explicit briefing in English.
We have chosen 10 missions which we propose you on Saturday.

1. The name, the logo, the office
As first activity, the teams have to choose a name and a logo for their company, and to set up an office. Therefore they can use the material which is at their disposal or which they can find on the area. In this case, creativity is the most important. It will be rewarded by the organizers, so that the groups win their first money and the first indication.
The teams also get a dossier with the law about mining, an old decayed card of the region and different enigmas. These enigmas have to be solved during the day and will give more indications.

2. The piranha river
The gold seekers can find an important indicator on a rock in the river. The piranhas in the river form a real obstacle but the groups have material wherewith they can reach the rock without safely. It’s up to the groups to use them in the best way.

3. The nitroglycerine
A bottle of nitroglycerine has to be put in a shock-proof container to transport it to the mine. This container has to be built by the team with the stocked material.

4. The offshore platform
During 60 seconds, one member of the group is shown a model of the perfect offshore platform for the digging. Under his/her leadership, the team has to build this construction with spar and ropes in real size.

5. Bugxter trial
During the digging, the transport will happen via difficult attainable paths. The most recommended means of transport is a 2p-bugxter. The group members have to take part in an introduction course where they aren’t rewarded on speed or courage but they receive extra indications if they have a good handling of the machine.
We envision 3 bugxters.

6. The death-ride
The only way to come from the area to an island is via a death-ride. At least one of the team members has to do it. For the others it is optional and the number of death-riders hasn’t an effect on the money the group can win.

7. Fire Brigade
The team has to douse a fire with a real fire engine (Bedford). That means, they have to wound water lines, unroll and install fire hoses, check the water pressure,… until everything is set up to really douse the fire.
This mission is supervised by experienced tutors.

8. Roping
It’s a real classic discipline among the adventure activities where the required techniques are educated to rope down safely a small hill of 25 meters.

9. The Jeeps
It contains a 4x4 trial course with a Nissan Pick-Up in the region and also some handling exercises on ranges. Some instructors and a short theoretical training are included.

10. Subterraneous labyrinth
It’s a search in the subterraneous labyrinth where the groups can find again an indicator.

11. The Bermuda Triangle (additional mission)
The whole team is captured in a triangle limited by three ropes on different heights till 1,75 m. Everybody must escape without touching them. Therefore a picket (2 m) and a rope (1 m) are at the group’s disposal. Good thought and collaboration are absolutely necessary to pass this challenge.

During all these activities the teams have collected money and indications. Also the enigmas are solved. The groups back out to their office and don’t only decide which parcel they will buy but also which strategy they should follow.
Maybe it is cleverer to show much interest for parcel X to put the other teams off the scent?

The game ends after the auction with the award ceremony and a debriefing about the different indications and enigmas by taking a well-merited drink.

 This could maybe be done when the groups come back to the hotel during the drink!

The winning team receives the gold pieces and the trophy.


Due to safety and insurance causes, no alcoholic drinks are served during the lunch.

We recommend you a rich and fancy “campagnarde lunch” in the manor’s orchard.
There will be some different small buffets and we arrange for a small tent near to each of them.
In the center of the orchard we will place a “10 x 15” tent, wherein we put 12 stone tables.

By the way: 2 chemical toilets

Lunch: Cold “campagnarde buffet”

Soup buffet:

Cold soup:
Soup of fresh asparagus, with a mixture of candied peppers

Warm soup:
Carrot cream soup with a breeze of fresh thyme

The buffet:

Assortment of different meat products:
« jambon cuit sur griffe, saucisson d’Ardenne, pâté aromatisé, noix d’Ardenne fume, collier fumé »

Tray of different cheeses of own manufacture:
fresh goat cheese and the typical “Buche au lait de vache affine” + a strong local cheese

Artisanal pear syrup, different sorts of bread, sandwiches and the real farmer’s butter

regional delicacy: “Vaution” (own manufactured cake with sugar and cinnamon)

We envisage: 2 glasses of red quality wine, fresh apple juice and water, coffee and tee assortment, milk, sugar


The different challenges are arranged in a way that the 10 teams can pass them all during this day. Each mission takes approximately 35 minutes after what the groups go on to the next one. At the end of the tour, each team has executed all the missions which are always accompanied by experienced instructors.

In function of the available time, you can find beneath a first scheme:

09h30: Reception and briefing
10h00: Start of the activities with the setup of the office for each group on a good chosen place of the area
11h00: Start of the first missions
13h00: Lunch in open air
14h00: Continuation of the program
18h40: End of the program and come-back to the hotel

Timing scheme missions:

Rotation: 1 11h00 – 11h40
2 11h40 – 12h20
3 12h20 – 13h00
4 14h00 – 14h40
5 14h40 – 15h20
6 15h20 – 16h00
7 16h00 – 16h40
8 16h40 – 17h20
9 17h20 – 18h00
10 18h00 – 18h40


HORECA: “Campagnarde buffet” and soft drinks € 36,50,- pp.

Tent, tables, toilet, logistics all-inclusive € 1480,-

ACTIVITIES: Package price € 20750,-
 The whole day there will be two beverage corners with soft drinks where the participants can refresh themselves.

These prices include all the material and monitoring during the day and for the described activities.
The prices are calculated for groups of at least 100 persons.
VAT not included.


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