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Teambuilding - «5 senses rally»


• to be discussed with you
• this activity is based on 2h30 duration

The Activity:

We organise a nice and short walk thru the wonderful domain of Bérinzenne, which is in the middle of the forests and in a protected nature side!
The participants will walk over little paths and discover the beautiful nature. During this activity the participants will follow a roadbook with instructions on and they will need to use a map to orientate them selves.
The goal for the different teams will be to connect the checkpoints in a certain order and especially take the right way.

Underway our instructors team will be waiting for the teams at the checkpoints and organise fun and teambuilding exercises. All these exercises are based on the 5 senses …

The ambiance will be relax and non sportive with a slice of Adrenaline build in and a small part of competition. One thing is sure, the participants will laugh a lot!


• The smell

the teams will have to recognise different essential odours, the difficulty will be that after a few odours it is getting very difficult to be able to recognise the odours. We work with essential oils.

• The view

the participants will need to pass thru a giant spider web, the web is connected to little bells. Once some one touches the web the bells will ring. The web will be about 12 m long. Extra difficulty is that we place picture into the web and the team members will have to recognise those pictures…

• Hearing

we will split the teams is 3 smaller groups to do this exercise that is base on the “Arab telephone”… the first group will have to do an observation of a absurd drawing, after two minutes they will have to come and explain to group 2 what they saw. Group 2 will have to tell at group 3 what group 1 told them. After this communication circle group 3 will have to answer a few questions about the picture.

• Tasting

Exercise that is particularly appreciated by the different teams. They will have to taste and try to recognize different know Belgian Beers and cheeses

• Feeling

The team will have to try to find out witch strange objects are hidden under a sheet. These objects are of all different kind of sizes and materials, some of them are really strange


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