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Dream cars

Adrenaline events offers an impressive and exclusive fleet that we can use during your event, and put a "wow" effect to it.

• Ferrari F430 Spider
• Ferrari F1 Scuderia
• Porsche GT3
• KTM X-Bow

Your guests or participants will have the possibility to take place as a passenger in one of these dream cars for an unforgettable ride on public road or on a private circuit. Our cars are always driven by passionate and experienced drivers.

It is also possible to drive the Ferrari F430 yourself on public roads, so you will be the pilot of this beautiful Italian race car. Obviously this happens under the guidance of our instructor and after a short briefing.
We can use our "dream-cars" in order to get where you want to give an exclusive color to your event. For example, during an open day, a birthday or starting from the parking of your company as an incentive for someone.

Dreaming is allowed!


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