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Clays pigeon shooting

Exclusive and unique activity!

We specifically create for your event a shooting range located in a quiet and natural place. It's also possible to come to a location chosen by you, and this following a previous visit by our team to verify the feasibility.

This activity is ideal for small groups up to 34 people or as a sideline during bigger events. Participants are invited to participate in two or three different shooting modes (different angles: lateral / outgoing / incoming) We use weapons with silencers and ultra low drop (less physically for the participants).

The number of patterns is unlimited, and a competition will be organized. This activity is really a great experience for your guests. We will organize 2 to 3 shooting lanes, so 2 or 3 people can shoot at the same time. It is a good idea to provide a guard activity, we can provide a pleasant break with drinks and snacks, and / or include other "shooting" elements in order to keep everyone busy: archery, knife throwing, gun shooting.


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